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Those who have been 1) misinformed and disinformed, or 2) even made to work to sabotage, or 3) even made to take up arms against #TeamLemma and destabilize Oromia over the last few months must clearly understand: 1) supporting, 2) consolidating, and 3) working for the success of TeamLemma is at the core of the national interests of the Oromo people.


Not only the national interests of the Oromo people, but also the national interests of the entire people of Ethiopia including the unity and territorial integrity of Ethiopia hinges in the balance and depends on the success of TeamLemma!


Hey, TeamLemma has laundry lists of weaknesses. But weakening this Team further in the name of perfection will not be only be becoming the enemy of the good but also will lead the Oromo people and the entire Ethiopian people to catastrophic failures we will never ever recover from.

Making Afaan Oromo the federal working language on equal basis with Amharic should be taken as major nation building project by the federal government to heal the wounds and bridge the gabs! It is important to establish language policy commission to start the work.

All along we have been saying TPLF is behind the instability and various horizontal conflicts in most parts of Ethiopia. Now these two TPLF figures are writing it openly what they have been doing in Oromia. Rest assured, the TPLF projects in Oromia will never ever succeed. The Oromo people are fully aware of the plots of the TPLF and its vicious strategies. Let everyone, both friends and foes, take note of this fact!

The Oromo people are demanding the government to follow zero tolerance policy on those who undermine law and order. The government must heed the call of the people. Any violation of law and order must be taken as redline, and the government must immediately restore law and order wherever it is undermined, mainly in border regions with Benishangul and Oromia.

The Ethiopian government must give utmost priority in restoring law and order in the vast border areas between Benishangul and Oromia Regions. Another Janjaweed Militia type mercenary groups run by former TPLF officers are causing major havoc in these two regions. Humanitarian sources estimate that over 220 thousand people are believed to have been displaced. This is harvest season. Farmers need to harvest their crops. Unless this situation is put under control, and law and order are restored, these parts of the country might face major famine next year. The Ethiopian government must take urgent measures in restoring law and order in these two regions.

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